Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Tzeentch hero on demonic mount conversion

Conversion of Tzeentch hero on demonic mount.

I used my "Nightmare stallion" resin miniature as a mount and
a lot of sculpting on GW chimera lord...
Mount is bigger even than Archaon, but hey! Our hero should be the strongest don't you think? ;)

He is also for sale :)
I'm still fighting with myself to not keep it so hurry up! before I change my mind.

(You can find him in "MINIS for SALE" - click "dragon picture" on the right)

Contact me via email if you are interested.

Please share, like, use FB, YT, blogs to help me if you like it. Thank you so much!

If you are intersted in "Nightmare stallion" model fell free to contact me.
Here is more photos of him:


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