Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tomb Kings - Scorpion King army (some 3k) - start!

Hello Everyone!
Two days ago I started working on my Black Scorpion Tomb Kings army.
You can see below wip of  Casket of Souls, Screaming Skull Catapult , 2 scorpions and 40 skeletons.

Dwa dni temu zacząłem pracować nad własną armią Czarnego Scorpiona Tomb 
KIngsów. Niżej możecie zobaczyc wipa Kasketu, Katapulty , 2ch skorpionów i 40 Szkieletów.

Army will include:

High Queen Kalida,
Prince and Chariot of Fire
Casket of Souls (liche priest)
2 Liche Priests on foot
1 High Liche Priest on foot
40 Skeleton Archers
4 Tomb Scorpions
4 Tomb Swarms
25 Tomb Guards
Screaming Skull Catapult
2 x 3 Chariots
3 Carrions

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dark Elf Sorceress Tower commission

Hello everyone!
Check this out - few days ago I've finished one of commissions - Dark Elf
Sorceress Tower. Finally i can show you pictures. If you want to have your
own tower i can easy duplicate this one or design something totally different :)
Just send me mail :D


Witam wszystkich!
Kilka dni temu skończyłem jedno z zamówień - Wieże czarodziejki mrocznych 
elfów. W końcu mogę pokazać Wam zdjęcia. Jeśli chcecie mieć podobną wieżę 
mogę ją łatwo "skopiować" albo zaprojektować coś zupełnie innego :)
Czekam na maile :D

Friday, February 11, 2011

Dragon ogres conversion - FINISH!

Hello everyone!
Yesterday I've finished my dragon ogres and today i found some
time to make photos of them :) - enjoy

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Chaos Dragon Ogres conversion

Hello everyone!
This time i want to show you something that i made for myself.
As we all  know, Games Workshop don't have any plans for making 
new Dragon Ogres...The question is - Who wants to have them now? 
Instead of new release we got new rules with new 8th edition that 
makes them look so weak. Well... the answer is... ME! :D
Check this out:

Coldone body was too small for ogres...

Work is done - i hope you like it :) You can see below 4 dragon ogres prepared for painting... I hope to finish them in this week! - see you soon! 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dark Elves Harpies conversion

Hello everyone!
Today i have a lot of work on my dragon ogres but before this I want to show you
harpies converted for my friend few months ago... I totally forgot about them
but they are awesome! - so enjoy :)