Sunday, April 28, 2013


 Link: ROTHAND STUDIO on indiegogo

Hello everyone.

We finally make it. Rothand is on Indiegogo.
For all of you that don't know about us Rothand Studio is a flourishing young company
at the beginning of an exciting and long journey. We love war gaming and our greatest
passion is developing the most beautifully designed crafted gaming figures.
Rothand Studio is dedicated to designing and creating our beautifully finely casted
figures in order to offer fellow players and collectors these epic scale gaming works
of art at a reasonable and affordable price.

In addition to producing our product, this start-up campaign will allow us to introduce
our ideas and vision to the growing community of gamers.  More importantly it will give
Rothand Studio interactive feedback about what you, the customer, think about our designs
and will allow us to grow with the demands and needs of the gaming world.

All we need now is your support.

For more info please visit our Indiegogo campaign.

Thank you for your time and all your suport.

Link to Rothand Studio campaign

Wednesday, April 3, 2013