Saturday, March 1, 2014

Demonic Carrion Worms pre-order

Hello everyone!

I was really excited about this and yes! finally Carrion Worms are here :)
If you are interested in "those guys" please let me know. 1 set contain 3 Carrion Worms
and price for 1 set is 36€  (+ worldwide shipping cost of 8€) so in total 44€ or 61usd if you prefer $.
For now I have only 2 sets of them and making more unfortunately will take some more time.
So I'm opening pre-order :)
You can make order contact me via mail
I will have more of them in May and then shipping start.

In few days I should be able upload some 360* video on YouTube

BTW: 2 sets (6 carrion worms) are available now!


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