Thursday, January 17, 2013

"Colossus legs" back in stock !

Hello everyone!

If someone is interested in "colossus legs" - we have them again :)


And here you can see for what you
can use them.This is my conversion
of warhammer tomb kings hierotitan.

Of course is only example and you
can use it to build something totally
new :)cheers!

If you have any problem with your
conversion please send me mail.
I'll try to help you as I can :)

To make guy on the left
I've used warsphinx standard
and barbecue stick. Instead of
scales you can simply put in his
hand one of necrosphinx blades.

If you want have those "legs"
please send me email.

happy converting!


  1. So how do i go about getting those legs? and what did you use for the rest of the body in the picture? Thanks.

    1. Going well :) We have them (mail me for more info)
      Other parts are GW necrosphinx

  2. Hello, are the Colossus Legs still available? How much would they cost?

  3. Hello,
    Here you can order not only my miniatures but also a lot
    of other polish artists:

    Colossus legs are not here yet but they should put them in shop anytime.
    (possibly even in next week)

    Please save this shop address in your bookmarks and check it soon.
    Im not selling any miniatures by maself anymore.

  4. Thanks a lot, will keep an eye on the shop :-)