Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tomb Kings Stalkers and Warsphinx - The Crimson King

Hello everyone!
Long time no see. It's because of renovation new apartment :(
This is probable last post to the end of February where i will show you
12 chaos trolls :)
Tomb King army of Crimson King :) ...for now only stalkers and warsphinx
but after few months i will back to this project and you can see more of those TK.
Wish me luck
Something is really wrong with this blog -_-::
Here you can see orginal size:


  1. those bases are awesome, I would love to know how you did the sand effect.

  2. Świetna kolorystyka :) Cała armia musi wyglądać niesamowicie.

  3. @Tylermenz
    I'ts just sculpted in "milliput" and covered by "real" sand :)

    Dopiero będzie :) W kwietniu zapowiada się większy projekt armii Crimson Kinga